How much hope have you got for the future of humankind?

Mark Gregory
Former Science Teacher (1997–2017)

As a Biologist and observer of human foibles, I have absolutely NO hope that humanity will improve, or eventually develop into a species we and the rest of Earth’s biosphere can embrace. For 200,000 years, since humans first walked out of Africa, we have used our evolutionary aggression, combined with intelligence, binocular vision and two hands with opposing thumbs, to tame our environment … and each other. We have killed, maimed, enslaved, poisoned, hacked, shot, hanged, burned, tortured and whipped billions of other humans for many many millennia, while following aggressive and ruthless “leaders”.

In some cases, human leaders have even enslaved or killed their own citizens … and we still don’t learn. The Caligulas, Hitlers, Genghis Khans, Mao Zedongs, Idi Amins, Stalins, Pol Pots, Kim Jong Uns, Trumps, Putins and Napoleons of the world have conquered and ruled humanity for eons, and we NEVER seem to avoid placing such people in power again. Rather, a new generation is born and some right-wing ruthless minority always manages to install their terrible leader into power. It has happened for thousands of years, from ancient Greece and Rome, to the Chinese, Babylonians, Gauls, English, Maya, Inca, Aztecs, Egyptians, French, Americans … everywhere … over and over again. It has happened in spite of 2,000 religions preaching that such people are evil and their wanton murders are wrong, and humans will be punished for eternity.

Further, we are clearly (no bullshit), killing off our biosphere and climate with unprecedented speed. We really are in the Sixth Anthropocene extinction. Over 50% of all species on Earth will go extinct within the next few hundred years. Woopie!

There is no stopping it. Eventually, humans will invent weaponry so lethal that it kills us all. In fact, NASA scientists recently reached the exact same conclusion, termed the “Great Filter”. If you disagree, then please list some powerful reasons to convince us that THIS TIME … IN THIS ERA … after tens of thousands of years … somehow … Homo sapiens will learn to create a decent future for the species and the remaining biosphere of Earth. I’d love to read it.


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