Bringing awareness to the fact that humans don’t deserve the space called earth that they have completely destroyed. Can’t deny there is any hope for the human species survival or that of earth during their occupation.

All of us are born with the capacity to do great, selfless things as well as the capacity to do terrible things to one another. Which capacity is unleashed depends on the people and experiences that influence our lives.

Humans are the only species which have the ability to make a ‘choice’, a choice to act or not, decide which way to go… and what do we choose?

The word human is derived, at least in part, from humus, the rich ground soil from the decay of organic matter. From dust to dust, mankind is born of soil and will return to the soil. To be human means, or at least has meant, to be of the earth. So are humans earths cancer?

We’re the only species evolved enough to consciously go extinct for the good of all life, or which needs to. Success would be humanity’s crowning achievement.

Humans are born everywhere. Humanity not so much. Humility does not mean you think less of yourself, it means you think of yourself less.

May we live long and die out.

I support the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement.